I am in pre-course anticipation mode. I have registered for the MOOC and the start is still a few weeks away.  I keep looking at the bit of material available on the course web site.  The facilitators are from all around the world and the topic is intriguing.  In the course we, maybe a thousand of us, will consider future of education and how it is shifting in the face of multiple disruptive forces including technology.  I’m eager to get started.

I’m curious about the tools and so I started in the blog because it is a familiar medium.  I’m still trying to decide if blogging is for me.  I think it probably is and a focused project like this course will help.  I have also begun finding other blogs to follow.

Besides setting up this blog, I started playing with diigo based on a recommendation from a colleague and found that on my college owned computers, I had to use Mozilla to load the toolbar instead of IE.  Apparently, active directory can’t stop me from downloading addons with Mozilla.  With the college’s incredibly restrictive implementation of active directory, small victories, even workarounds make my day.  I decided to try working on a couple of projects using diigo as a way to track and tag online resources.  I immediately started bookmarking resources for other things too.

For now, I’m poking around the edges and playing with a few tools and anticipating a wonderful new experience.  Maybe by the close of the course, I won’t be such a newbie.

A little free association: as I was writing, this song kept running through my head and so it should run through yours too.



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